Server Solutions
June 23, 2017


With 12+ years of experience as a Linux professional with a RedHat certifications, We have expertise in installing software's like, LAMP, PHP, nginx, Apache, MySQL etc., Website optimization and Securing web-server as well as VPS/Linux server.

If you really wish to protect and maintain your site performance at very reasonable cost, we would be happy to intricate every phase of our server management services in a clear and prices way to understand you. We ensure your server’s best performance everyday with our efficient server management services.

Our Comprehensive Server Management Services

Get your web-server/VPS running smooth & efficient.

Installation and up-gradation of software packages eg., LAMP, LEMP, Apache, MySQL, NGiNX, PHPMyAdmin, PHP, WHM, cPanel, Plesk etc.,

Installation  of Packages on Linux Server

 cPanel Server management

Domain Name Service(DNS) administration

✓ Secure your server

Performance tuning of your web-server

✓ Troubleshoot and provide tech support of your Linux server

CMS Setup and webserver migration

Teach you basic and advanced Linux commands to manage your server

 DNS/FTP/Web server Installation

✓ Database server setup

 Performance tuning of your DB server

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