The PetShack

e-Commerce website redesign

Story Behind

“Women are the real architects of the society”, can’t deny when you meet these ladies – Ola, Fatina & Samah. Can someone show so much love towards animals? These ladies shower love on animals and their home is the play house for 35 pets. They didn’t stop there, they wanted to show their love towards every animal in this world and the result is the birth of ThePetShack.

The Petshack is a UAE based pet store that sells foods & toys for Fur-kids. Having 15+ years of experience in being pet owners, they know the exact need of the furry kids and you will find them all in e-Commerce site. The team PetShack were not happy with their current website and want Digisparks to redesign it completely and that’s how we joined hands with PetShack.

Our approach

At our very first meeting with PetShack, we understood that their problem is not just redesign and it’s much beyond that. Our team of experts reviewed the website to understand what the issues are and the result was a big list – the current design  lacked conversion rate (the visitors were not turned into customers), the visitor need to navigate multiple pages to view the product, improper categorization, sale & offers pages were hiding behind, poor responsive design, failed SEO and many.

We were not surprised that the PetShack team agreed to our findings and were pretty happy to sign a deal with us.

Color palette

Features & Integrations



Product Filters




Social Logins



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PayFort Integration

Product Catalog

Brand listing

SSL Integration

Bebuzzd Plugin

Sliding cart


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Client said

“It is always a pleasure working with Digisparks, very professional and timely response. Makes sure to complete the task to satisfy the customer even if they has to do more than required or agreed upon. Will definitely work with them again. Fantastic work”

– Ola Mahmoud

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