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Go to Web Development

Web Development

Got an idea to develop your business online?
We build sustainable, SEO friendly websites powered by WordPress that are easy to maintain and attractive to use.

Go to training and guidance

training and guidance

Hoping to learn a new technology any sooner?
We offer training in various technologies like Openstack, PHP, Cloud computing, Web Technologies, linux and more.

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Dev support

Cannot find a solution for your website issue online?
Contact us for any issue in your Wordpress website or Linux server. We are also there on Fiverr!

Go to Everything Tech

Everything Tech

There are a couple of websites that you may like!
We own some websites too! For anything in computers – techglimpse. For the happening stock market – marketlive.

A bit more on Skills

No ONE is an expert. But we are a TEAM!
If you don't trust us, then TEST us! We are open to challenging tasks!

We are a team of professionals who have over 10 years of work experience in various projects.

From scratch development of websites to deployment, bug fixing and SEO, our hands are quite trained.


Got an issue in your WordPress? Our WordPress Support team can handle various issues you're experiencing for as low as $5.


Whatever ur VPS hosting needs, from simple advice through to fully managed service, we're with u every step of the way.


We provide support in improvements to your website, website migration, fix errors, maintenance and build a website.



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